Welcome to my page for streaming and videos.

We are making this page mobile friendly but it's taking longer than first thought. Yes I know this page is all messed up right now and I'm working on it. We hope everyone is having a good winter. My name on social media is mer8771 and exiledgamers, I run a group called exiledgamers and at times I go by that. As you can see I'm just now working on the site. Does it suck? Yes. Will it continue to suck? Yes. sorry about that. Well, I guess I shouldn't say that, some people might like it when it's done. I'm almost done building my streaming and recording room. As soon as that's done I shale be putting up videos and streaming videos games. I'm really into simulators so I suspect that's what I'll be playing mostly. I ran into some personal problems that must be taken care of before I can get back into the swing of things. 03/16/2017 Or outside of the US it's 16/03/2017 I'm not sure how long I'm going to need to get this right so please just hang tight. I have had no change in my health as of 04-30-2017 or outside the USA 2017-04-30. Life has gotten a little worse, I'm alive but just. 15-10-2017 or for the USA it's 10-15-2017

The other day my son said I'm use to you talking to yourself but until I heard you arguing with your self I wasn't scared. Life sucks, then you die, who knows. That may suck too. In my case I believe so I don't think it will suck after all.
John Banner was an underrated actor IMO. He was one of the stars in Hogan's Heroes.
My life is crazy so I'll have a list of the streamers I watch so there is something here for you to check out while I get my life in order.
Woman really need to watch this and learn.